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GCWC - The Great Canadian Wiring Company Ltd. 2018®
705.733.2237 • Barrie Ontario Canada • Electrical Contractor License #7005205

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GCWC The Great Canadian Wiring Company Ltd.


The Great Canadian Wiring Company LTD. has been taking care of Barrie and Ontario's wiring and electrical contractor needs since the turn of the century. We've built our reputation as a leading source for any wiring and electrical contractor jobs in Ontario and continue to provide quality installation for your industrial electrical necessities from the ground up. Give us a call, we can help. Find the weather in your area!

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The Great Canadian Wiring Company has been helping Barrie and Ontario with their electrical and wiring needs since 2000 and has grown into one of the most reliable wiring and electrical companies in Ontario. If you're looking for quality electrical service and exceptional wiring, The Great Canadian Wiring Company is your wiring solution. Contact us for a fast and friendly electrical contractor consultation.

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The Great Canadain Wiring Company offers complete electrical contracting services. Our in house capabilities include electrical design and electrical installation of the following:

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The Great Canadian Wiring Company Ltd.
43 Morrow Rd, Unit 11
Barrie Ontario Canada
L4N 3V7

C: 705. 733.2237
F: 705. 733.1075

Jobs and Employment at
The Great Canadian Wiring Company

At GCWC - The Great Canadian Wiring Company, we believe people make the world go round. If you would like to join a team that is professional and dedicated to continually learning and redesigning the electrical trade, we have a home for you.

We offer competitive rates, safety training, apprenticeship opportunities, industry training and much more.

Please send resume with referrals to: info@gcwc.ca